Why 2Zone Therapy © is referred to as Healing Touch

Questions and Answers

Over the years patients keep asking why does 2Zone Therapy© work?

The answer is simple, 2Zone Therapy© uses the Holistic approach to cure the body, by alerting the mind of a condition or issue that it has missed.

How long is a session?

Generally, the treatment is 45 minutes to one hour, including pre and post-consultation.

How many sessions are required with 2Zone Therapy©?

In the 1st visit to the clinic, after a complete consultation, we advise you how many sessions are required, for you to reach your desired goals.

We offer 50% rebait should you have not improved after completing the course of treatment

Once I recovered do I need repeat sessions?

Our bodies require upkeep, just like a car. ‘I take my car for service yearly, however, I take my body for a massage every fortnight.’ Having a treatment not only deals with any possible issues but helps me to relax and destress. We offer discounts for bulk treatments payable by cash, cheques, or credit cards.

2Zone Therapy© speed of recovery is based on what?

As we know 2Zone Therapy is a Holistic treatment, not only curring the condition you came for, but also other hidden conditions.

Our bodies, respond to all Holistic approaches, giving us fast cure, harmony, and reduction of stress.

What is the end game?

Your health, your wellbeing is the 1st in our daily task. We ask our patients to update us on their recovery and we offer free advice on do’s and don’ts.

After all your health is our top priority!

Having the ability to help people to have better lives, with less pain, or no pain at all is the ultimate goal!

After Recovery

Once you have recovered we ask you to refer us to your friends and family. Also please use the Facebook link below to visit our Facebook page and add a testimonial and what you think of 2Zone Therapy ©. After all, we depend on our customers to spread the word for us. Our success has been only achieved by the recommendations our customers make to their friends and families. Facebook Link www.facebook.com/2zonetherapy or send us a testimonial, and we will add it to our web site.

Treatment room

Fully equipped treatment room

Wry neck treated under 15 minutes

2Zone Therapy is not Healing Touch or Magic

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