Ultimate Muscle Pain (Myalgia) Specialist

Holistic Treatment

With Over Two Decades of Holistic Expertise: Providing Care Since 2002 in London, UK, and Since 2016 at Our Hod Hasharon Holistic Clinic

For more than 20 years, we’ve been dedicated to holistic care, serving patients in London, UK, since 2002, and in Israel from our Hod Hasharon holistic clinic since 2016. Our clinic has a strong history of successfully treating a wide range of health issues, and we’ve guided countless individuals towards pain relief and improved well-being. Connect with us directly at (+972) 0532 82 82 59 to explore holistic solutions for your condition and schedule an appointment with our experienced team of holistic practitioners


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Ezer Weizman 10 App 96, Hod Hasharon, Israel


יצרתי קשר על אלעזר בגלל כאבי גב שיש לי תקופה ארוכה, הוא טיפל בגב שלי בקליניקה הנעימה שלו, היה מאד קשוב והסביר כל דבר שהוא עושה. עבר חודש וחצי מאז ...


Back Pain

אני רוצה להמליץ בחום על אלעזר. הגעתי אליו לפני שלושה חודשים דרך האינטרנט, לא הכרתי אותו אך בהתאם להמלצות ולסרטונים שלו החלטתי לקחת סיכון. היו לי כאבים חזקים מאוד בכף ...

Ayelet – foot pain!

Anyone who hurts something in the body – pay attention I have been suffering from pains all over the body for almost 10 years. Every moment that I travel works ...

Tatyana Koptelove

Tel Avive

I do not write much on FaceBook, but I feel that I must write and tell you that just by having 2 treatments I am feeling a lot better. When ...

Alon Hooker


I have been suffering from really bad Sciatica … have had acupuncture, every pill you can name and the pain continued daily for over 6 weeks. I was introduced to ...

Joan Ginsburg-Mori

Hod HaSharon

Elazar Levy has helped me heal different ailments in the past few months. Being a single mother of twins, with having no support he has healed my heel, my knee ...

Andrea Newman

Tel Avive

When he promises he keeps it! 2Zone Therapy. Elazar took great care of my back pain in ONE SESSION, Great for everyone. Soldiers as well

Lotan Lavi

Tel Aviv

“I wish that I had found you earlier!!!” Also, the follow-up treatments that are carried out by Izabela are the best. In my 91 years, I have never had a ...

Anita Rubin


Shalom Elazar This is Dalia Zger of the Weizmann Institute. Remember, I came to you for treatment with problems in my shoulder and right arm after being treated with injections, ...

D Seger, Ph.D

Weizmann Institute of Science

“I have been exercising vigorously and feel much better..I am grateful for your strong massage just what I needed…Regards Hans Kuitwagen.” 2007

Hans Kuitwagen


“Thanks for your treatment last night; it was the best treatment I have ever had!” … 2004

Guy Anish


“My shoulder was painful and movement so restricted that I couldn’t raise my arm above my head. I’d had numerous physio sessions, acupuncture, cortisone injections and treatment from a leading ...

Mike W.


“Elazar treatment is insightful, intuitive and practical … and above all else it works!” “These are some of the testimonials about Elazar the saviour!!! First my personal knowledge of Elazar ...

Liz Kellner

I guarantees 97% recovery for myalgia.

Home Visits

Experience the Ultimate Convenience: Receive treatment in your own home, office, or hotel room. Our comprehensive service includes a comfortable bed, oils, towels, and drapes, ensuring your complete relaxation while we attend to your needs. With our proven expertise in treating back spasms, sciatica, and various muscular conditions, we’ve successfully helped hundreds of satisfied clients find relief.

Guaranteed Recovery for Back Spasms within 7 hours. Clients testimonial

Guaranteed – Frozen Shoulder, more movement range in 1st session, up to 97% cured in a few sessions.

Conditions Treated

For Holistic Relief from Muscle Pain Affecting Multiple Areas of Your Body, Including Conditions like Lower Back Spasms, Frozen Shoulders, and Runner’s Knees, Our Expert Team Focuses on Treating Over 600 Muscles, Including Sciatica. We Specialize in Assisting Hundreds of Patients Annually in Achieving Pain Relief Without the Need for Surgery. Contact Us Today to Explore Our Comprehensive Holistic Treatment Options.

Consultation and Case Study

  • During your session, we will conduct a thorough consultation to discuss the causes, reasons, and treatment plan for your condition.
  • Most patients experience a significant improvement of 10% to 50% after the first session.
  • Patients who require additional treatments will be invited back for follow-up sessions.
  • For those who recover more than 50% after the first session, we will ask for feedback to update their records.
  • If a repeat session is necessary, we may offer a discount.
  • Call us to inquire about our latest offers and treatment plans.

Curing clients using the Holistic approach

Our clinic offers a holistic approach to healing, focusing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our client’s lives. We use a range of therapies, including massage, 2Zone Therapy, energy healing, and protocol services, to promote balance and wellness. Our goal is to help clients achieve optimal health and well-being through personalized care and ongoing support.

For those suffering from back spasms, 2Zone Therapy is a beacon of hope. Our treatment typically restores mobility within a matter of hours. Don’t endure needless pain any longer—our track record demonstrates that all our clients have found relief, and you can too!

Holistic Approach and Protocols

Comprehensive Holistic Approach and Custom Protocols

Our Protocol Consultation, which includes the 1st Protocol, lasts approximately 1 hour. Afterwards, the Protocol is meticulously prepared, a process that typically takes between 7 to 10 days. Once ready, you’ll receive it in English via email.

Our innovative holistic approach, driven by tailored Protocols, empowers you to overcome a diverse range of conditions, including:

We’re dedicated to keeping the cost of treatment and Protocols affordable, ensuring accessibility for all.

Our ultimate goal is to not just treat but to cure, guiding your body towards achieving optimal health.

Consultation and Treatment Process

Seeking relief from muscle pain and tension? Our highly skilled therapists specialize in crafting personalized and effective treatments for a variety of muscle-related conditions, ranging from sports injuries to chronic discomfort. Kickstart your journey toward faster healing by scheduling an appointment with us today.

Additionally, we extend our holistic expertise to address broader health concerns, offering treatment through Protocols for conditions such as Fatty liver, Gout, Candida, Anxiety, Acne, F.M (Fibromyalgia), P.M (Polymyalgia), and Thyroid (Hypothyroidism). Explore our innovative approach to wellness by visiting our website at https://healthprotocoltoday.com.

To book a treatment call 0532 8282 59 or 0532 8282 58


  • Please call the therapist to discuss your condition and to book a treatment
  • Each patient is offered a treatment plan
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