Each and every patient completes a Consultation Form. We call this a Case Study. During the Case Study, we:

  • We annelize the data you give to us
  • We advise you how many sessions are needed to get you best results
  • You can have from 50% to 97% range
  • We let you select the goal
  • We advise you how long it is expected to take

For costs of consultation and treatment please call us on 0532 8282 59


Keeping your body in optimum condition may require regular treatments. Purchase a bundle pack to save on repeat sessions, but at the same time, you know that you are in the best care, after all, Elazar Levy’s treatment is the best and only choice, when it comes to your muscles.

A certain percentage of our clients have taken the membership plan.

Here you pay a monthly fee of xxxx NIS per month – in return you get:

  • 2 sessions of 2zonetherapy each 60 minutes
  • If not used, rolled over to next month
  • 3rd session same at a 20% reduction to normal prices
  • 5% savings on any purchases of supplements

Each facial is tailor-made to suit the client’s skin requirements. and therefore making your treatment the best you have ever had! Call +972 532 8282 58 to arrange a booking, or email us at

We offer visits to homes, offices or hotels. The price of treatment is by the hours at the rate of 2000 NIS  per hour with a minimum charge of 2000 plus 1000 per hour. Charges are payable for full-hour segments. Call +972 532 828259 or email to book a session.