Back Pain

Introduction to Back Pain conditions and therapies

There are many therapies, some that are aimed at the cause of the condition you are feeling such as back pain, stiff neck or wry neck, tennis elbow, runners knee, headaches, or to recover from a long flight. Of course, there are also some techniques purely for relaxation treatments or to reduce stress. All pain can affect us in ways unimaginable. Effecting our sleep, mood, stress levels. Helping the body to remain in the best of health requires some basics. These include:

  • Correct Posture at all times
  • Sports
  • Healthy Eating
  • Sleep

Back spasm or lower back pain

When should I act?

Although most people don’t run to a doctor when in pain, Back Spasm is a condition that needs immediate attention. I recommend customers to see a specialist as soon as their lower back pain or any other area that affects the lifestyle, starts. Where back pain is concerned, two specialists are needed.

The cure of your back spasm must be carried out in two phases.

  1. Back Spasm treated by 2ZT on day of Spasm – Takes approximately 6 to 8 hours, will be administered over several days.
  2. Exercising and strengthening the core muscles – clients can do exercises on their own, or to have us, guide them each step of the way

If you are seen early stages (the day it happens) the recovery of phase one is between 6 to 8 hours of treatment.

(If the condition is treated when the spasm has set it, the treatment can take 15 hours or more to achieve the same results.) The reason for this is that the muscles contract around the area affected and later these muscles must be relaxed before one can get to the core of the issue.

Once you have recovered from your condition with the correct treatment and ongoing exercises, it is unlikely for the spasm to come back, unless the condition derives from the way you manage your day to day. For example slouching or bending the back rather than knees, etc. We recommend to clients to book a treatment once a month, where you are checked and treated before any possible issues crop up.

We offer bundle packs, where you can purchase treatments, saving you monies, and keeping you in optimum health.

Treatments to relieve back pain

Treatments include MET, NMT, Trigger pointing, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Taut Band Technique, 2Zone Therapy ©, General massage, Swedish massage, rai-ki, holistic massage, and others… But which ones work? Which one will reduce the pain the fastest and last the longest? Which is carried out by physiotherapists? and which by alternative therapists?

Conclusion to treatments

The 2Zone Therapy© has helped hundreds of clients recover from conditions where others have failed.

A Back Spasm is one of the most painful conditions we are likely to experience. All that have had the misfortune to experience back spasms will vouch for the discomfort and, agonizing pain that the condition brings. When taking a step, or getting out of bed, is painful. When muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories don’t seem to do the work, you need to call 2Zone Therapy.

We guarantee that you will be walking after the full session has been administered. At the end of the full treatment, you will be able to walk, sit and stand with no help. But this is only the 1st phase of your recovery. In the 2nd Phase, you will be given exercises, to strengthen the lower back and abdominals. A therapist will be with you each step of the way, we will guide you, teach you and at times do the exercises with you. During the 2nd phase even if you have some pain and discomfort you are in good hands. We will teach you the exercises you must perform. These can be demonstrated to you by the therapist, and help you learn how to, and what to avoid, with step by step instructions. During the exercises, the cost of the session is discounted by up to 50%, as long as no treatment is required.

The Clinic

Our clinic is located in Hod Hasharon, Israel where we treat clients with neuromuscular conditions. (If a client can not travel to our practice,  We offer visits to clients’ houses, offices, subject to additional travel costs.) Generally, the treatment is carried out over a period of time as required by the client. A full session is 45 minutes, including pre-post consultation and treatment. Clients are asked to send a report of their condition after 24 hours and after 48 hours. Once these are received clients are contacted to arrange other sessions, as required. Generally, clients are given advice on exercises that they should do, as well. Repeat sessions are not compulsory and are up to the clients to pursue. Generally, at times the 1st treatment gives you between 50% & 75% recovery. At times clients recover 100% in the 1st session, this recovery is dependent on how soon after injury the client is seen and the level of injury. The level of recovery is dependable on your condition.

2Zone Therapy © Classes

Classes were held at the Wingate Institute in 2017.