2Zone Therapy

2Zone Therapy technique in more detail available as a course.

The General Idea

In general 2Zone therapy (2ZT) uses a Holistic Approach to help the customer’s (patient’s) body. After the consultation is taken the therapist checks out the patient’s body to make notes on their findings.

How it’s done

The 2Zone Therapy Technique done by Muscle Pain (MYALGIA) Specialist has a number of unique procedures, which help the body to

  1. distinguish
  2. cure
  3. aid in recovery

The courses

The course is live one to one. Each student needs to bring a patient with the condition they are enrolling for. The treatment and course work is as seen on the day of treatment. It is the student’s responsibility to take notes, as each treatment varies on the patient’s condition.

Our clinic is located in Hod Hasharon.

The course has been broken down into modules. This way you can only enroll in each technique.

  • Sign Up – Fee of (300 NIS) Duration 1 hour

Sign-up includes an introduction to where the idea of 2Zone Therapy started and how to cure the early stages of Wry Neck.

  • Sciatica stages 1 to 4.   (2000 NIS) Duration from 1 hour to 2 hours

Whilst Sciatica has 5 stages, only stages 1 – 4 are taught here.

During the course, you will see how the treatment is carried out, you can take notes, and also take a recording. If a recording is used, a copy must also be given to the therapist.

  • Frozen Shoulder  (2000 NIS) Duration from 1 hour to 2 Hours

At the end of the 1st class, the patient will have movability in the restricted shoulder, also basic exercises are introduced to speed up the recovery.

  • Back Spasm (5000 NIS) Duration from 1 Hour to 7 Hours

The duration of this course is dependent on the recovery of the patient. based on 20 years’ experience patients recover 70% which is the target of the course. the additional 25% will need the patient’s commitment to self-preservation and exercise.

The Patient is guaranteed to see an improvement after each session. The level of improvement depends on how old the condition is. Older conditions have a reduced rate of recovery.

Payment for the course is in advance, by cheque, cash, or credit card.

To learn the course, call 053 28282 59, ask for Elazar, and learn 2Zone Therapy.

Frozen Shoulder, Deep Tissue