“Elazar treatment is insightful, intuitive and practical … and above all else it works!”
“These are some of the testimonials about Elazar the saviour!!!

First my personal knowledge of Elazar I have been a migraine sufferer since teens Elazar’s work has helped enormously I first met him as I had a trapped nerve which his mother said he would cure and he did –

My son could not turn his neck and was cured by Elazar in one treatment-

My husband was injured playing tennis and after one treatment he recovered-

My father who is 92 called me one day, a call I dreaded, with a back problem ,El got there quickly and helped him recover.

Then my friends so many with endless problems they could not believe elazar’s treatment worked –

A Norwegian in my gym 3 treatments and Elazar has not been needed again-

My friend Avy had not turned her neck for years till Elazar arrived now she is fine” …. Liz Kellner

London – UK

2002 – 2015

Liz Kellner