When he promises he keeps it! 2Zone Therapy. Elazar took great care of my back pain in ONE SESSION, Great for everyone. Soldiers as well

Lotan Lavi

Tel Aviv

“I wish that I had found you earlier!!!”

Also, the follow-up treatments that are carried out by Izabela are the best.

In my 91 years, I have never had a gentler and yet more professional treatment.

Anita Rubin


Shalom Elazar

This is Dalia Zger of the Weizmann Institute. Remember, I came to you for treatment with problems in my shoulder and right arm after being treated with injections, shock waves, and suffering from pain and restriction of movement in my right hand. The treatment you gave helped more than anything else and I wanted to thank you for that. Indeed, the method you have developed with my hand is straight.

Today I am able to perform operations in my right hand and usually without pain. Sometimes, especially after hard work on my laptop, I get a reminder of the pain.
Thanks And happy holiday Dalia.

D Seger, Ph.D

Weizmann Institute of Science